Oven Cleaning for Dubliners

23 Sep 2016

Most people do not give much regard to oven cleaning, in their everyday lives. However, it is an important aspect of housekeeping that often goes neglected. On average, people tend to clean their ovens once, maybe twice in a year. However, it should be noted that any appliance that comes into regular contact with food should be cleaned accordingly.

You see, over time, ovens can build up an excess of carbon, which can contaminate food. This carbon buildup can be very hazardous, as it gets baked into food every time you bake. Not only that, excess food that drips or falls become easier to ignite, and creates dangerous levels of smoke. Grease that also accumulates on the walls of your oven reconstitutes in the heat, and drips back into your food- which is bad for your health.It also throws off the oven’s temperature, affecting how well your dishes are cooked. Thus, to avoid hazardous conditions and unhealthy intake, it is important to clean your oven regularly. Over seventy percent of home fires in the United Kingdom occur in the kitchen, and are largely due to an overheated oven. To avoid the potential of fire, as well as dangerous health practices, it is recommended that you clean your oven every few months, and at the very least, once a year.


Cleaning an oven is one of the more grueling tasks in the kitchen. I have never met anyone that enjoyed cleaning an oven, at any rate. The hob is fine, easy enough, but the actual oven can be tricky. The fact that there over fifteen companies that specialize in oven cleaning in Dublin and the greater area alone, attests to that.If you decide to go with chemicals, know that all market oven cleaners are extremely toxic. Many oven cleaning companies in Dublin use non-toxic substances in their services; such as mixtures of: baking soda, water, and vinegar.However, different types of ovens require different methods of cleaning, which can either be dangerous, high maintenance, or time consuming. Non self-cleaning ovens require hard scrubbing and an hour’s worth of soaking the racks; while self-cleaning ovens require to be heated to incredibly high temperatures that release toxic fumes. Ceramic ovens, in turn, should never be overheated, nor should they be scrubbed- which means they need to be cleaned as frequently as possible, preferably after every use.

This would explain why cleaning ovens are rated top in the worst of cleaning tasks. It is not a job that anyone takes on enthusiastically- not without wanting to get paid for it, at the very least. Now that you have a better idea of what cleaning am oven entails, you can understand why the business for oven cleaning in Dublin is growing. You have to take when cleaning an oven, and always use the utmost caution, wear proper gloves and all that. However, oven cleaning is essential to the safety of your kitchen. So even if you want to put it off- don’t, suffer through, or pay up. Let a professional take care of the problem; or if you decide to tackle it, be safe, and use this article as well as others as a guideline for cleaning an oven, with safety in mind.

Learning from mistakes: an adventure oven cleaning in Dublin

We’re very fortunate to live in these current times. There are many modern conveniences that improve our everyday lives that we often take for granted. We have tons of things that make our quality of life better. A few examples include modern medicine (like aspirin and antacids), and smartphones (they say the same things about my iPhone’s apps that they told my parents about television). One human invention I have always appreciated though, is the kitchen oven. I gained an even greater appreciation for it over the weekend- when I had to clean it out for the first time in- shockingly, over a year.

Waiting long periods in between oven cleanings can be very bad for your health, hence, the necessity to take care of mine. I could’ve called a Dublin oven cleaning company as there are quite a few here in town, but I believe my brain thought at the time, that would be taking all the fun out of it. I should learn to not listen to my brain when it starts thinking like this- because I clearly wasn’t in my right mind. Oven cleaning is a very arduous, painstaking task that is messy and time-consuming. I would say that my efforts were well worth it, now that I have a clean oven, and to a certain degree, they were. However, the fact of the matter is, I could’ve paid a cleaning company a few euros for their time and effort, they would’ve brought their own supplies and done a better job, and I wouldn’t have had to lift a finger. I have a clean oven at the expense of a ruined Saturday afternoon.

If this sounds like a complaint, or as if I’m overreacting, then you’ve never had the wonderful experience of cleaning an oven before. A trip to the dentist for a root canal offers more pleasure than cleaning an oven- at least at the dentist, they sedate you. That’s not to detract from the value of cleaning your oven though, because it is important. A dirty, dingy oven can blow up into a full blown health and fire hazard- namely by literally blowing up. Leftover food and grease can ignite much easier, also, they create more plumes of smoke. Dirty ovens can affect your cooking temperatures as well, leaving you with food that’s not cooked properly. This was my motivation for wanting my oven clean.

I still should have called someone to do the work though. There are plenty of cleaning companies that offer or specialize in oven cleaning throughout Dublin. I have one of those fancy, self-cleaning, double-range gas ovens, which means I cook and bake some rather interesting dishes. However, that also means that food sticks to the bottom and sides very easily. I also originally thought I would be better off with a self-cleaning oven, because of what the name implies. That was my mistake, apparently, as I learned when I did my research for oven cleaning. As it turns out, self-cleaning ovens are the worst to clean, because they require extremely high temperatures (we’re averaging about four-hundred and fifty degrees Celsius here), for a long period of time. Because I waited so long to clean my oven originally, I left it to clean the full six hours required to turn all the spilled and caked-on food at the bottom to turn to ash.

This meant another two hours of cooling before I could even begin cleaning. Which became another two hours of scrubbing, wiping, rinsing, and repeating the process. I probably should have strengthened my baking soda and dishwasher soap mix, but hindsight is always wiser. As my narrative conveys, there were quite a bit of mistakes made last Saturday, the greatest of which was not calling an oven cleaning service here in Dublin. Suffice to say, there was heat for a long period of time, and then there was a lot of scrubbing. My arms and my back are still sore. But the deed is done now, and I have a clean oven to show for it.

My future self will invest in a proper, non- self-cleaning oven instead, when the day comes for me to make such an investment. Until then, I will hire a cleaning company to do my dirty work. Ovens that are not self-cleaning do not require that I turn my house into a toxic sauna. As a point of safety, I shall remind everyone that while heating self-cleaning ovens, it is vital to air out your house. Make sure no one is around to touch the oven, or breathe at their own risk. The level of heat required for those contraptions creates incredibly poisonous fumes- which is why you have to keep your windows open. This is where cleaning ovens can be extremely dangerous, and is best left to the professionals.

There was only me last Saturday, wishing for a cool breeze and a non- self-cleaning oven. Absolutely no heat for those, but there is extra scrubbing, and soaking the oven racks for an hour. That would’ve still been easier. At least I didn’t have a ceramic oven to clean with that kind of damage. Ceramic ovens require constant maintenance- that you clean them as often as every week. But there’s no heat, and no scrubbing involved in that process. If I owned a ceramic oven and let it get that bad however, the damage would have been irreparable. In the end, the whole adventure was a learning experience. Even if it is not one I care to repeat. Seriously. Next time a phone call will be in order, to set up an appointment with a Dublin oven cleaner specialist. I have learned my lesson, which was not to clean harder, but to clean smarter.

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