Eco-cleaning: Saving Your Home Environment

23 Sep 2016

There are many places within Dublin that offer cleaning services. Cleaning companies in Dublin provide an array of services that cater to your business or home needs. There is more to cleaning than simply ridding surfaces and areas of harmful bacteria. Everyone has their own style and technique to cleaning. Some employ the hard-scrub and elbow grease method, some use expensive chemicals, others use vinegar and baking soda, while some others barely clean at all.

When we see a spill, we wipe it up with a paper towel. We scrub our counters and toilets with strong chemicals. We buy expensive equipment, costing hundreds in change, not to mention the electricity that we use to power these cleaning machines. We use bleach and other toxic substances on the surfaces of our homes, with almost no regard to the after-effects, and when we are done, we throw away waste in our garbage, or flush it down our sewers. We don’t take the environment into consideration, nor do we factor our ecological footprint.

After all, why should we? Sure these chemicals are dangerous, and sure these appliances are costly, but it is all in the name of a clean home. This is where we raise our families, and where we live an essential part of our lives. What wouldn’t we do for a clean and organized home? But does that mean that we have to sacrifice our planet in order to achieve that? Surprisingly, the answer is no. There are many cleaning companies in Dublin that offer services that are ecologically-friendly. Many professional cleaners within Dublin value recycling, and offer products that are free of harmful toxins.

You don’t have to sacrifice environmental consciousness for cleanliness. Many professional cleaning services within Dublin’s city limits use agents in their work that are non-toxic, and ecologically friendly. This is incredibly valuable to everyone involved. It means that you are not filling your space with harmful chemicals that evaporate in the air, leaving you standing nearby to inhale it. For business areas, this means a reduced degree of poor health, and sickness-related absences. If your home has children, it means they won’t get sick from eating off of the countertops, and you’re content knowing they won’t be getting into the dangerous cleaning supplies under the cupboard.

The use of ecologically-friendly tools also means that emission are being significantly reduced. Using biodegradable, natural ingredients in your cleaning efforts, tells you that you are not further contributing to the high levels of pollution our planet continues to face. Everyone should do their part after all, in any small way they can. Dublin cleaning services have found that advertising the fact that they operate with eco-friendly solvents really began to boost their sales numbers. That is because more people are becoming aware that our environment has suffered permanent damage. Even cleaning machines have made strides in design- where more are made to run off of renewable energy, like static or kinetic energy. This is not just our personal house we’re talking about here- this our global home, in the long run.


Exploits of cleaning services

Here in Dublin, cleaning companies are part of a growing industry. As humans, we live in an era of the fast track, where technology helps us streamline everything; yet we are busier than ever before. With such active lifestyles, it is no wonder we want to spend the moments of our free time actually enjoying life. Certainly nobody wants to spend them cleaning. That is why more and more people are turning toward professional cleaners, as the ones here in Dublin. Services that were once reserved for the wealthy, are now reaching the masses, and becoming a part of the everyday, average lifestyle.

Why is the growing trend towards paying someone, or a company, to clean for you? For one thing, a cleaner home is easier to maintain- and that requires regular maintenance. As I’ve said, we all have lives to lead. Most people are exhausted by the end of the workday, or even work week. It comes as a relief for most people to know that one thing is taken off of their plate. Most cleaners work with you, to set up a schedule that is conducive. Flexible hours and consistent treatments mean you may never have to worry about cleaning again. And good riddance to it- you didn’t need another activity to fill up your hours.

Another important factor to consider is that many cleaning services are getting cheaper. I know a professional cleaner based in Dublin that offers a three-bedroom, deep-cleaning deal for less than one-hundred and seventy euros. In addition to vacuuming and dusting, that service includes closets, bed linens, and upholstery. From there, you’ll want have work done on your kitchen and bathroom. Many companies also offer deep cleaning services for big projects, such as moving into, or even out of a new home, and large oven cleaning. Many cleaners also offer packages that depend on the frequency and depth of desire of which you want your home cleaned. If you own a small business, usually you can hire the same company that takes care of your home, to take care of your business.

No longer do you need to waste hours hunting for the right supplies to tackle your cleaning problems. Gone are the days you had to devote towards making your home spotless. Several cleaning companies have told me how often people are impressed with their services, and stress-free their lives have become. It’s a brave new world out there- you can face it without having to worry about a mess.

I come across more and more people in Dublin recommend cleaning services. They speak from firsthand experience about the benefits and convenience of hiring experts to clean for you. As far as manual labor goes, cleaning is the lightest service you can get, and many individuals with busy schedules wouldn’t be half as organized without the help of their housekeeper. It’s an ideal business arrangement with little cost to you, and rewards for both parties- a clean home for you, and a payday for your cleaning company.

What do you want from your cleaning company?

It’s a fair and valid question to ask yourself these days. What do I want from a cleaning company? The answer, of course, depends on what you hope to gain from the arrangement. Obviously, you want a clean home or office, depending on your situation. But you also want a good experience. You want to not have to pay an arm and a leg for this service. You want security, and you want reliability in the people you’ve decided to open your home to.

There are various different cleaning companies throughout Dublin that offer an array of services. Each one has something to offer, but only you can decide what exactly it is you need. Keep in mind, these groups want to clean your home- you should let them. You want to as well, for all the aforementioned reasons above. Remember, you should always figure out prior to hiring a cleaning company, what services you require from them. Ask yourself the pertinent questions. Is this a one-time project, do I need weekly upkeep? How much will this cost, and am I really comfortable with letting a stranger, or a team of strangers into my home? These are all legitimate queries, and only one cleaning company has the solution for you.


Being able to trust the people you bring into your home or workspace is paramount. Pretty much every cleaning company with professional housekeepers is insured, and legally protected should anything occur. It may be your home, but it is their work environment- it should be a safe one. You should also be secure in the knowledge that you are not being overcharged, and you’re getting what you need. Although some professional Dublin cleaners will tell you that you can never be too clean, nor too careful.


Having regular housekeeping means that cleaning companies are keeping a standing appointment with you. What kind of impression does it make when they don’t show up at the appointed time, or their visits are infrequent- and not due to scheduling conflicts? If you’re paying cleaners to be in a certain area at a particular time- the least they can do is arrive in a timely fashion. A company that performs housekeeping should be there for you, not just to make some quick money.


Moreover, you want service with a smile. It should be amiable, professional staff that you welcome into your home, as well as people who can get the job done. Those are the hallmarks that define a great cleaning experience. You don’t want your home to be treated impersonally- everything within those four walls and a roof is sacred to you. More importantly, you want someone that is going to get the job done right. Looking for Dublin cleaning services meant finding a company that fulfilled the promises laid out in their website.

Hiring cleaning services is making an investment back into your life. This is a team of experts working to ensure that your space is a comfortable one. That is why you should take steps to become comfortable with them. Find a team that you make a connection with; one whose services and track record are impressive. It’s not only about having a clean home, but having the right team in your corner also.

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